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How to perfume gloves according to The Treasurie of Commodious Conceits by John Partridge, 1573.

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To perfume the leather glove, I used a combination of two recipes from John Partridge book. The full text can be access here http://www.medievalcookery.com/notes/treasurie.pdf5

To perfume Gloues.

cap. l

TAke Gloues, & wash them in Rosewater, or Damaske water, tyll the scurfs of ye Lether be gon, and then stretch them foorth softly, and keepe the water, you wash them with styll: Then hang them in a cleane lynnen cloth that is foulded .iii. or .iii. doubles: and when they be drye, let them lye in Rose leues dryed, a day or two: then take Oyle of Ciuet Almons, and Musk, and grind them together vp on a Marble stone. Stretch them foorth softly, and with your hande annoynte your Gloues .iii. or .iiii. tymes: & euer among stretch them foorth, then let them drye, and euer stretch them forth softly as thei dry. Then take Sandifer mixed with a lyttle Ambergreace, and strewe the powder of itthinly vpon them and laye them in a Paper: and in a Box, or els melte the Amber greace with a quantiti of Rosewater, and mixe the Sandifer to it, and so annoynt the Gloues with the same. Then let them dry, and lay them in fayre white papers.

3. A preparatiue for Gloues.

WAshe ye Gloues as afore is said, tyll the sent of the leather bee gon, then take Beniamin .ii. ounces, of Storax Calamit .i. ounce, let them be very fine, then take oyle of Ciuet Almons and mingle it with Beniamin & Storax vpon a Marbell stone: When it is wel grownd, put it into an earthen Potte with more Oyle of Ciuet Almond, then put in Cloues in powder, and so let is stand very close couerd: and when you neede, take a little Rosewater in a Sponge, and rub the Gloues softly, & then in lyke manner with the Oyle called Ciuet Oyle for the same purpose.

Let’s start!

Rosewater made from dried rose petals

Quick damask rosewater base made by simmering method

Rosewater made from dried rose petals

•Dried rose petals (best combination are equal amounts of Rosa gallica and Rosa damascena)

•Very often Siam benzoin, cinnamon/cassia and cloves were added (individually or in various combinations)

•Petals soaked in distilled water overnight

•Distillation by reverse pot cover method (no alembic required) or 30 minutes of simmering in double boiler

•Musk grains can be added after rosewater is done or before distillation (‘damask rosewater’)

–I add crushed muskmallow seeds (Abelmoschus moschatus), cloves and cinnamon to my dry rose petals before infusing overnight

–To preserve color, I add citric acid (lemon juice was used in period for the same purpose).

Soaking the gloves in rosewater, squeezing the excess of liquid and drying in shade in layers of linen. This process is repeated 3 times or more. Remember to stretch the gloves as they dry! 
Then store the completely dried  gloves in a box with dried petal roses for at least 2 days (R. damascena or other fragrant variant)

The preparation for gloves (scented super sticky paste)

• 1 oz sweetgum resin as most likely candidate for storax (Liquidambar orientalis)

• 2 oz benzoin resin, also known as gum Benjamin or Sumatra benzoin  (Styrax benzoin)

Grind and mix. Add some civet almond oil and continue to mix

• 1/4 oz cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)

Add powdered cloves and some more civet oil. Store in a pottery (or glass container)

(Fast: 10 mL sweet almond oil  with 21 drops of 3.5% civet tincture (Hermitage Oils))

(More accurate: macerate civet paste in sweet almond oil)

Making the scented paste
Prepare the quick damask rosewater base and a natural sponge. Dip the sponge in rosewater and squeeze the excess of liquid. Put the glove on, smear some paste on and work in the leather with the sponge. Dry and stretch. Repeat as needed.
The glove after application of the scented paste is sticky!
After drying, there are whitish stains from the scented paste.
In order to remove the white stains and make the leather supple, we need to apply the civet almond oil. Put the glove on and start working the civet almond oil in the leather with the sponge. Dry and stretch.
After drying, store scented gloves in a closed container or box. You can put in some dried rose petals. The process of applying the scented paste and civet almond oil can be repeated as needed.

I hope your gloves will be wonderfully scented!

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    Fascinating! Thank you for sharing!


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