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‘My’ dream event

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That’s a Beautiful Event –

The Perfumery, Beauty Care and Adornment Virtual Symposium

Update: the event schedule is up!


I have been long thinking about an event combing all my favorite topics on perfumery, beauty care and adornments.

And it is happening this December, Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th, 2020.

This is a virtual event (Zoom platform), and free for all to attend. No preregistration is required, we only ask the participants to obey the rules of mutual respect (no bullying, harassment or obscene behavior will be tolerated).

Link to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/340880087244437/


We are currently looking for instructors passionate about all things beauty related and willing to teach a class or more on the following topics, with time frame from Bronze Age (or earlier) to year 1600:
• Perfumery and fragrant jewelry
• Beauty care (defined as skin/teeth/body care)
• Bathing/baths/pleasure gardens
• Hair care /hair styling/hair pieces and wigs/hair adornments
• Makeup
• Soap making/laundry
• Permanent (tattoos, tooth inlays, piercing) and temporary (henna art) body embellishment.

We welcome pre-recorded classes/presentations combined with live Q&A sessions, live presentations and mix of the above.

Deadline for submitting classes is November 20th 2020 or until the class schedule is filled (whichever happens first).

This is the link for instructors’ sign up:


We are also planning a social room open throughout the event for less formal conversation, a break between classes and meeting new people who share similar interests.

There will be also discussion panels dedicated to the following issues:

• Round table discussion about historical cosmetics and modern racial sensitivity

• Centering persona development around activities related to beauty care and fragrances

• Round table for beginning cosmetic crafters (more guided) and another for more experienced (more about problem solving/sharing discoveries).

To avoid any infringement on copyrights, the classes and other activities will not be recorded during the event and/or uploaded into public domain.

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