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New ways to study the historical fragrances and cosmetics

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I have been receiving requests for annotated recipes, recipe translations and free samples of fragrances and cosmetics.

I have decided to offer another way to learn about the fragrant past for those who are more interested in the recipes themselves than the general information.

Welcome to my Patreon options!


You can currently choose from three options. For those interested in studying recipes, I recommend the Tier Two, Recipe Treasure Trove. Every month a new recipe with detailed notes and plenty of pictures will be available to the subscribers. This level will also offer monthly live Q&A sessions so I can answer any question, comment or concern.

Tier Three, the Fragrant Wonders, offers additional benefits like monthly one-on-one conversation, available via phone call or video call (with current choice of Zoom or Whatsapp). Patrons at the Tier Three who have an active subscription for three consecutive months, will receive the fragrant products, based on the recipes from previous three-months period. These will be the full size products, which will allow for in-depth analysis of the relevant recipe.

I will continue to offer free classes both online and in-person. My in-person displays are always free. And if anyone wishes to purchase perfume samples or other fragrances, my Etsy store is open: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreasuresofTrecio?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1378714555

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